26 September 2009

Cat Attack

I was going to try and update a bit more properly but I have a cat wedged in between me and the laptop so I'll give up for now!

19 September 2009


It wasn't intentional leaving my blog for a month!  I've just been busy and ill and not really up to writing much, which is a problem as I have 3 CD reviews to do as a favour to a friend very shortly.  

I'm sure lots of things have happened since I last blogged but I can't really remember the finer details.  We went away to Edinburgh and had a good time.  Went to K1 yarns and visited my grandma (and ran into my brother in the process).  It was my dad's 60th birthday so we went out for a big meal for that and he liked his socks that I gave him too.  Pythia have been very busy with sorting out publicity and such for their album release (on the 12th October).  They had a gig in Manchester, that was pretty shambolic (not on their part, thankfully) and they're having an album launch party on 12th.  I'm hoping to go along (it's at the Intrepid Fox in London) so if you fancy it, or fancy meeting up on the Monday or Tuesday, let me know.

And now I'm ill with a stinking cold and should have taken the week off work but I'm far too busy with getting stuff done.  I've nearly been there a year, which is weird coz it doesn't feel that long.

The house is on standby at the moment.  Plasterers are a pain and don't want to go the job they've quoted for.  So we plod along.  

And Andy is away all weekend so I'm home, vaguely alone, feeling sorry for myself.  Maybe I should just go and fondle my yarn stash!