22 November 2009

And for my 100th post...

...I shall declare that World of Warcraft has me sucked in!

Earthen Ring Undead Mage herbalist/alchemist level 12 at this point

I may be planning other characters.

14 November 2009

Trying to Stay Awake

As usual, I am too tired.  Don't know what's up with me right now, apart from the obvious slight down I've been having recently (slight might be an understatement but I seem to be ok for now again).  Lots has been going on and I still have lots to do.  I should be writing reviews and not my blog but I've got the feature done so just 3 CDs and a DVD to do...eep!  Plus pattern tweaks, again!

I thought I could update with some photos though.  Firstly, some from the gig.  Sorry there's not one of Marc but the lighting was bad and Andy was taking up far too much of the stage to get a decent shot of the drummer!  So here are Pythia, in most of their glory, with the new costumes by Veil of Visions and new banners, courtesy of Tom.

I didn't have as good a time at the gig as I should have as I let a few stupid things get to me but it did make realise that I need to stop moaning about the dream I've had for years and just get on and do something about it.  

Anyway...on the knitting side of things, I have done squares of Laura's baby shower blanket, a felted purse, my Liesl is done, a mini sock, a hat and fingerless mitts that kind of go together and have bought yarn.  I'm also knitting more bloody socks!

Not sure what else to say really.  Loving my new phone and my number is getting transferred soon.  Listening to film soundtracks too much.  Not sleeping enough.  Thinking about getting a second cat when we move.  That is all...

Actually, that is not all.  My new Donovan's Darlings set, Knitting in Nylons is live!

08 November 2009

Too Much

I have too much going on and not enough hours in the day. I'm currently sat in London as there's a Pythia gig tonight. I've got lots of writing to do. I'm reviewing lots for Bubblegum Slut, including a feature piece. Plus I'm writing for a new magazine called Metal Sanctuary. I'm trying to chase up people for reviewing gigs as I don't have my old contacts any more and that's a bit of a pain. And of course I have patterns to design and write up. And all the knitting!

Yesterday was a good day as I went to the Manchester Yarn Collective's 1st yarn day where I managed to get stuff for my swap partner and perhaps a gorgeous skein of yarn for myself (shhh, don't tell anyone). Definitely worth dragging myself out on a Saturday for.

I still have stuff to take photos of plus my phone to talk about (I'm on it right now) but I must go and get on with some writing.