06 February 2010

All Quiet on the North Western Front

I'm sorry guys, I really am hopeless with this updating lark. I just don't seem to be in a writing mood these days, even though there is plenty going on in my life. I suppose I could summarise a little for those who care about what's going on with me at the moment:

- I might be doing an MSc in biomedical science through work. I'm not sure how it's going to work out or whether it'll even happen but I'm terrified at the idea of it!

- I'm happily levelling up a Blood Elf Paladin on WoW. Yes, I know it's one of the easy options but I find computer games hard enough without dying all the time too!

- I interviewed the singer from goth rock band Dommin last week and saw Lacuna Coil live again. They're still pretty damm awesome!

- I can touch type at a pretty reasonable speed now, thanks to free training through work

- Pythia have a few gigs coming up. Go look at their website for more details.

- I may be down in London at the end of Feb (see above)

- I'm going to be my lab's appointed first aider so I have to go on another training course, prob in April. It's also made me think about volunteering for St John's ambulance.

- My knitting is a slow process. Am busy with some slightly secret and uber geeky for a friend and have a cardigan on the go for me. Still need to block my Ishbel and also wondering when my pattern is being published, if it ever is!

And that is all for now.


Tidalgrrrl said...

Knitting is SO hard to maintain while playing WoW.

sheesh! I've barely got time to level AND work on mitten number two. AND I have the most beauteous socka yarn, AND my Troll hunter just hit 64.

What is a woman to do???