10 April 2010

Domestic Updateless

Sheesh, I really do seem to be falling off the edge of existence even more than I thought I was...I don't think it helps that I don't have an app on my phone for Blogger (do you hear that, Palm Pre developers; make me an app!)and I just end up briefly tweeting the random things that I may once have blogged about.

I don't know...I'm full of rant and talking and stuff but not very good at getting it down into words on the internet. There's plenty I could talk about, like new Who, or the Election or my thoughts on random internet fucktards but I'm lazy! Never did I have the reports at school with "must try harder" but it's what I feel someone marking my blog would say!

The problem is, I'm just not very interesting. I'm a geek, with very few close friends, but even worse is that I'm a bit of a fraud. I remember at uni, being surrounded by very cool, very clever people, I'd just nod and agree and try and act like I know what they're talking about. There's stuff I really know what I'm talking about and then there's the stuff that I know a bit and blag the rest but most of that is not the kind of thing you want me to talk about (anyone want a blagged WoW paladin conversation with me?!?!)

I just want to be honest to people but I hide behind a fear that if people realise how little I know, that they will stop listening to anything I have to say.

Really must try harder.

PS Is it just me or is Amy Pond really hot?!?!?!?