20 February 2011

House Update

Oh my, it's been a little while! I didn't mean to leave this blog so long; it's just that life seems to have gotten in the way a little bit.

I have done a lot of baking recently, as people seem to be very impressed with my muffins and chocolate brownie. I've also been busy learning how to Lindy Hop. It's lots of fun and I have a beginner's workshop coming up next weekend. I also have my St John Ambulance county dinner dance to look forward to, which will be fun.

Hopefully, I'm going to be able to move Peanut to the house next weekend. We've got the living room finished, we just need to get the floor sorted again in the utility room (some fun with the dishwasher). But it's very nice to have somewhere to sit that isn't a bed to write this blog post. Now, I should also be able to get on with knitting again.

I'll try to update more, although I have said that before!


Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary :)