18 August 2011

Gratuitous Lace

Oh my, it's been a while again, hasn't it? Life, as always, is busy, what with work, planning holidays, applying for university stuff and choir. Oh and quite a bit of knitting.
Knitting doesn't always come easily to me. I enjoy it a lot but, unlike a lot of people, I find it very hard to do the mundane "TV" knitting (hence why the cardigan with OODLES of stocking stitch is still sat in the bag with 3/4 of one sleeve finished) To enjoy knitting (and a lot of other things in life), I need to push myself, to challenge my skills and do something that makes my brain think. And so I love lace. I love tackling the most complicated looking charts, breaking it down in my head and trundling on. I even enjoy the challenge of fixing mistakes in lace patterns, where I realise I've not got the right stitches quite 2 or 3 rows ago. Even rescuing dropped stitches has some enjoyment although I don't go as far as dropping them on purpose.

My latest project, having kept me amused and busy for a little while, is nearly done. It's now got to the horribly dull part of casting off and it's taking its toll. I don't think it helps that I have a deadline to get it finished and blocked by tomorrow and I have other things to do tonight. Half way there now...